Otis Fiduciary and Guardianship Services




Pete's Story

"I am 92 years old, blind and on Hospice with a wife age 88 who has Alzheimer’s. I asked Mr. Otis to help me as I was no longer able to handle my affairs or take care of my wife. Mr. Otis agreed to become guardian over my wife and make sure she is properly taken care of after my death which is imminent. I am so glad that I chose him as he has made my remaining few days much easier and I am confident that Lorraine will be very well taken care of because of him."


When they can no longer do it themselves.


                             What Is A Fiduciary?


A Fiduciary is someone who accepts the responsibility of taking care of the personal needs or property of a vulnerable adult for the benefit of that person and serves in a role of trust. Fiduciaries may serve by court-appointment as guardians, conservators or personal representatives of estates. They also serve by agreement as trustees, representative payees for Social Security income or other income benefit plans, or as agents under powers of attorney.


A Guardian is appointed by the probate court to ensure that the personal and medical needs of an incapacitated person are met.


A Conservator is appointed by the probate court to manage the financial affairs of someone who is determined by the court to be unable to manage his or her own finances and property.


An Estate Representative may be appointed or hired to administer and represent the estate of a deceased person.


A Personal Representative Payee is someone who is responsible for managing the financial affairs of an incapacitated person when they are unable to manage it themselves.


As the Successor Trustee of a living trust we will handle all the duties of the trustee when they become incapacitated or are unable to handle those duties themselves.